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Nov 18, 2019

In this Making Leaders episode of the SSPI podcast, we hear from Gwen Sisto, Operations and Planning Manager at OneWeb Satellites. Gwen holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from GIT and a SM in Aerospace and Astronomy from MIT. Her career experience includes nearly 6 years at General Electric Aviation, beginning as a F404 Contract Repairs Manager before becoming a Military Systems Black Belt in charge of initiatives to increase productivity. She continued this path as Continuous Improvement Manager with Parker Hannifin, followed by 4.5 years with Albany Engineered Composites, where she served in a variety of roles, including Senior Continuous Improvement Engineer, Product Transfer Leader and Senior Enterprise Excellence Manager.
In this podcast, Gwen spoke with SSPI Executive Director Robert Bell about what it takes to build 10 satellites a week. You can read more about how OneWeb Satellites tackled this challenge in SSPI’s report Staffing the Space Assembly Line.